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Orientation Letter

Thank you for your interest in our campaign. We appreciate your interest and would love to hear your ideas, thoughts, concerns, and input. The job of any politician is to listen to the people and represent them accordingly. If you have anything you'd like to ask or contribute, please contact us at

​These are the topics of the campaign platform. 

Balance the Budget 

A True Balanced Budget should not have any type of debt in it and if it does it should be collateralized against a saleable asset.

Educate Children of Illegals

These young people are the dependents of illegal immigrants. However, they are minors who did not create this situation nor should they be held responsible for it.

Merit Unions 

Unions assist workers in getting better pay, benefits and increased safety on the job.

Drug Crimes Misdemeanors 

Make all drug laws misdemeanors. This would help lower the cost of drugs and stop foreign countries form earning so much money at our expense. 

Anchor Babies of Illegals

​Birthright citizenship is an Incentive for illegal immigration. Immigrants who come here illegally have an anchor baby who is a citizen. We need to look at the fourteenth amendment and what should be changed. 

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Thank you and please feel free to voice any opinions or ideas. 
Black vs. Illegals

Birth Rates
The birth rate of the black is the same as the whites, and the percent of political power is slowly being reduced by the growth of of other ethnic groups illegally entering our country.  

Show Our Concerns
We, as concerned blacks and whites need to show up at the Democratic Party meetings and politely voice our concerns. As a candidate I am encountering Democrats that feel that illegals are not breaking our laws.  

Recognizing Legality
The real disheartening is that some Democrats feel that illegals should not be called illegals. One promanent Democrat even wants the illegals to be treated as if they lived in slavery as our ancester blacks lived. Mexico has plenty of resources to care for their own. If we do not like how their people are being treated then our government needs to respond to them, not renegade citizens.  

Illegals Use a Law for Blacks
After the Civil War, 1865, the US 14th amendment, was passed to assure that the children of the past black slaves were born as citizens. For over a 100 years, this amendment has been used by children born of illegals to have automatic citizenship also. The misinterpretation in the 14 amendment is that the phrase "subject to jurisdiction" is assumed to mean "within its jurisdiction", which it does not.  

Anchor Baby
Once an illegal has a citizen baby, now they work on citizen politicians on how they can stay with their baby.  
They also want the relatives from the homeland to come also. This starts to translate, over the years, citizens who can vote their own representatives.  

Removing Anchor Baby
The anchor baby process needs to be removed. One way is that if a parent is not a citizen is not automaticcall a parent, then how the child becomes a citizen, becomes another set of laws other than automatically becoming a citizen.  

Non-citizen Marriage
If a non-citizen marries a Citizen, the non-Citizen does not become a citizen. The non-citizen has to wait in line like other non-citizens. A child from a non-Citizen and a Citizen is not a Citizen automatically. Laws need to be setup.  

Citizens Role
I would like to see blacks:

1) Get Feds to Pay extra if you are working -- Push for an Obama gift plan that he employed about the Year 2010, that was stopped by Republicans, and that provides cash for those who work. It should be used to replace an increase in the minimum wage, The minimum wage opens up the door for illegals to work.  

2) Look for Political underlying Groups -- Go to your political party and watch out for groups and people trying to promote an agenda you feel is inappropriate for the U.S.

3) 14 Amendment -- Get people to talk about the 14 Amendment meant to assure that blacks born in the U.S. were Citizens and was not meant for illegals to take over the U.S.

Appreciate Your Reading
I hope some of you will try using some of the ideas, I hope you will start listening to people and there agendas.  

Bill Bolton